North America's most advanced imaging centers for the face, teeth and jaws. At DDI, we utilize the latest state of the art equipment available, which permits the lowest radiation dose possible, while producing the clearest, highest detailed images for your doctor. All of our imaging centers use modern sterilization techniques, and the procedures are fast and painless. ddi has opened an imaging center in Roseville, CA being the first direct digital dental imaging center in the USA.

ddi has been serving the dental and orthodontic communities since 1995. Our services include Cone Beam CT, digital photography with intraoral close-ups, panoramic projection x-rays, cephaolgrams, tomography and other standard medical, dental and orthodontic radiographic services.

By adding ddi to your practice, you gain a full imaging laboratory without giving up any office space. With four locations for the best service, each facility utilizes a streamline layout for the fastest processing of patients in an open, relaxing atmosphere. A call to ddi today puts you in command of the best imaging equipment and a friendly, knowledgeable staff including a licensed radiologist.